Our technology


Digitron operates eight major lines using state-of-the-art automatic equipment:

 Auto assemblies (SMT,TH & AOI)
Manual assemblies (SMT, TH & 
Wires , cables , wire harnesses &
    wired platforms
Conformal coating & bonding
Functional testing (ICT)
Quality Assurance
Logistics (ERP & TK solutions)
Production engineering


Component assembly and PCB
    Including SMT systems, using a
    sophisticated, on-the-fly vision
    centering machines from 01005to 
    µBGA 15 mil. pitch).
    - Inline screen printing - 2.5 D  paste
    - SMT lines - up to 1000k assay
      components per day
Reflow ovens and wave soldering
    - Reflow Oven - complies with Pb-
   - Wave soldering - RMA & NC fluxes
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
   Featuring the newest technology by
   Orbotec, allowing full AOI testing of
   SMT and TH assemblies by
    - Provides images and reports
    - Minimizes production errors
    - Quality enhancement
    - Computerized repair station
BGA (Ball Grid Array)
    - Special BGA machines, carefully 
      selected to ensure maximum 
    - BGA Repair station with pressure
    - Full 3D X-RAY x400 optical

Manual assemblies
Manual SMT and TH assemblies, using 3D optical magnifications and advance soldering stations (RF technology)
- Prototype assemblies of all SMT and TH components (including 0402, BGA, etc.) within 2 - 5 working days. 

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)
Dense boards (3000+ components)
Flexible card - high-density mixed
Big boards - 45x45 mm.
Small boards (hearing devices)
Thick boards - 24 layers, 4.5mm
Thin board - 0.2-0.4 mm.
Unique RF boards
Boards with heatsinks
& Many More PCB's 

Wires & cables
Production of all types of High      Preformance    harnesses
 According to IPC-620 and

written industrial procedures.

Wired hardware
Panels and complete units, including specific test benches, for High Preformance and civil applications. 

Wire wrap
Wiring of racks and equipment using wire wrap technology.

Conformal coating
Application of conformal coating on 
    PCB's by spraying, Robotrics and             manual.
For High Prefonace applications and rough 

Fastening of components and wires
    on PCB's .
Process controls for all types of
    mixed glues.

All types Process controls of 
   mechanical assemblies, including 
   unique RF boxes
Operation of Voltronics Corporation's
    production line for manual
    assemblies of air trimmer capacitors.

Functional testing
Final functional testing to assembly products, according customer specifications - 
    full testing of products using ICT, scoops and customer test benches.J-Tag Technology , FlyingProbe,
Closed-loop (inline) operation, designed to find and change design or devices
Written documentation for medical and military instruments.

Full TK solutions based on ERP systems
Production management systems
Income inspection according to customer files.
Handling all electronic devices
Packaging with full ESD protection
Storage and management of customer/project stock
Working in climate controlled environment

Production engineering
Setting of production stations and protocols
Preparation of solder masks and SMT programs
Design of production jigs
Digitron uses its 26 years' experience in the electronics industry, working closely with our customers and assisting them in changing and redesigning products, in order to meet the full requirements of advanced production.